Memories of Tierga

We can not avoid including this annex in the dossier.

It is about how and what we find in the surroundings of Tierga:

the original vines that are being torn,

the cooperatives closed or about to close,

the resistance of those who refuse to give up,

the abandonment ...




Part of what animates LA CALANDRIA is the illusion

to save from oblivion a sample of everything that was found there;

to get the vines and seeds from the Tierga

to continue and preserve the essence

of a Garnacha that hangs from a very fragile thread.




Ever since we arrived, half of the vineyards we once found have been weeded.

We do not know how long those left will resist.


It is not easy to maintain a vineyard


with such a low level of production and manual work,


it cannot compete with mechanized and high production cultivations.






If this grape disappears, a whole genetic material with origins

as far back as we can imagine disappears.

For LA CALANDRIA it is a heritage that deserves to be preserved

as if it were a cathedral from the XII century.

Pure Garnacha: a legacy that the hands of these people have maintained alive,

in the margins of wine industrialization,

precisely for being this remote lands.